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Ivy LaClair

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Shape a Life and Business they Love

"Unbreak Your Confidence" coaching for

heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Stop the exhausting "frozen/beast mode" cycle!

Discover Joy, Success, and Freedom

in your heart-centered business with this

FREE video course.

Joy is My Copilot - Lead Magnet

Bulletproof confidence to stop playing small and

next-level your business.

Passionate about reaching more people, attracting high quality clients, and boosting your profits? That kind of next-level growth takes next-level boldness

boldness you may have lost somewhere between THAT’S what you’re wearing? and you’re too expensive.


But let’s be real, you don’t need another generic you-need-more-confidence pep talk...


You need a prescription for practical and failproof

support to help you follow through —from someone

who’s been in the trenches and actually done

the work themselves.

That’s where I come in.


I’m Ivy LaClair, confidence and business coach, and I empower heart-centered entrepreneurs to unbreak their confidence so they can step into their true power and grow an authentically bold business they love.

Ivy LaClair Headshot.jpg

I don't feel lost anymore, I feel like I’m in a transformational journey and that makes all the difference in the world. When I engaged in the coaching process I was skeptical. I’ve since been convinced by the ride, and I would definitely recommend Ivy as a co-pilot!

- Amira Boulla — Consultant, Bain and Company

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