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Ivy LaClair

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Shape a Life and Business they Love

Confidence is the prerequisite for the most powerful actions you’ll ever take in your business + life.

It’s saying NO to non-ideal clients to create space for the ones that value you what you bring to the table.


It’s the courage to ask to be well-compensated for your gifts and talents without the gutpunch guilt.


It’s the backbone to walk away from sh*tty situations knowing that you can and WILL do better.

It’s that bold and unapologetic determination to get your needs met because you honor yourself AND deserve it.


Confidence. Changes. Everything.

I’m Ivy LaClair, CPCC, M.Ed., and confidence & business coach and I empower heart-centered entrepreneurs like you to build the confidence you need to stop playing small and next-level your impact and income.



Throughout our lives, negativity plays on surround sound. While one speaker is blasting feedback about your ‘absurd’ business ideas, too-woo-to-be-true beliefs, and non-existent inner thigh gap, the other is carving grooves of self-doubt into your brain.

Eventually, that BS becomes your baseline for truth.


You second guess your decisions and trust everyone else’s word over your own. Your wants and needs become “selfish,” so you default into a people pleasing robot. You lose sight of how genuinely badass you are and stay locked in a trance of unworthiness.


My coaching is like a Pulp Fiction shot-to-the-heart that jolts your authentic power back to life...


Designed to help you breathe passion back into your dreams, boldly set fire to the old confidence crushing beliefs and never. Look. Back.

I've had several other coaches before and I can say without a doubt that Ivy is exactly what I need right now to help me overcome my fears and jumpstart the next chapter in my life. She has truly helped grow and empower me to go after my dreams. She celebrates my successes, understands my frustrations and helps me reframe roadblocks into obstacles that I can overcome.

- Shuai Chen, Founder for Gr8er Good Games

Look Ma, I’m legit!

☑ Certified Professional Co-Active Coach —the international gold standard of coaching certifications.

☑ M.Ed. in Higher Education

☑ Successfully negotiated the buyout of my multiple-six figure motivational speaking and coaching business at 3x the initial offer.

☑ Hosted two podcasts and conducted over 75 interviews with industry leaders and creatives.

☑ Successfully overcame GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

☑ Nationwide speaker and facilitator

My Authentically Bold and Vulnerable Story


I’m curvy, I’m a hippy, I’m a woman —and I’m not afraid to tell someone to let me finish my sentences when they speak over me. But who I am now couldn’t be more opposite from who I was. Like someone who never liked rocking the boat or making people uncomfortable or mad at me.


Daughter to a whimsical, artistic mother and "barely there" father who both struggle with alcohol and mental health, I was your token people-pleasing midwesterner who grew up too fast. (And I grew up on food stamps back when they were still colored paper.)


Most of my relationships were unhealthy and tainted with codependency (see tumultuous, drama ridden teen relationships and marriage #1). And I settled more times in more situations than I can count.


My grandparents taught me to value friendships and healthy social interaction. But pressure stacked to compensate for my mom and dad's challenges and lack of professional follow through. I excelled in school, buried my emotions, and found outlets through music, poetry and writing.


No matter what, I was determined to live a life free of financial turmoil.


I put myself through undergrad and graduate school where I assumed leadership positions and excelled academically. At 24, I took a “sober sabbatical” to overcome my increasing dependency on alcohol and weed. It’s been a non-issue since.

After that I started developing my spiritual muscles, simultaneously diving deep into metaphysical Christianity and Theravada Buddhism. These teachings helped me begin to wake up to the power of the Universe within me...but was years of practice before that truly sank in.


At the tender age of 27, I left an unhealthy marriage and migrated to Berkeley, CA where I blossomed professionally. But personally, I was isolated, abused, and lonely. I didn’t even remotely understand my own greatness, but I felt its presence.


Action after action resulted in one immense internal growth experience after another, until I finally hit the breaking point and recommitted to treating myself the way I deserved to be treated.


I moved back to Wichita where I could embed myself in a healthy living environment, deepen relationships with friends, and heal the relationships with my mom and grandmother. After a year of living back home and releasing years of shame and inner turmoil, I finally overcame generalized anxiety disorder —my goal for over 10 years. 

And now I'm solidly on the road to building another successful six-figure business, this time as a solo woman founder who is truly comfortable in her own skin.


Over the years, I’ve showed up for myself, even when I was terrified, anxious, or on the floor crying from all the shame that tore me up inside. And I keep showing up, even when I’m nervous or stubborn, or subconsciously have the urge to self-sabotage — because holy hell...success is scary. 


I swallow my pride and get the right people in my corner, I put my grown woman panties on, and I constantly tell myself “you can do this, you can do this. It’s going to be okay, you can do this.”


And so can you.

Ready for for practical and failproof support

from someone who’s been in the trenches

and actually done the work themselves?

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