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Ivy LaClair

Inspiring Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to

JOYFULLY Shape a Life and Business they Love



Joy Is My Copilot

The Burned Out Perfectionist's Guide to
Joy, Success, and Freedom in your Heart-Centered Business
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You'll Learn:

  • The New Rules that will help you create successful business that is abundant and infused with Joy

  • The Key to more energy and time to focus on intentional and meaningful business goals

  • How to increase your impact and financial prosperity while having fun along the way

  • How to confidently take action and celebrate the wins

And MORE...

Ivy LaClair CPCC, M.Ed.
Spiritual Success Coach for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest challenges for ambitious, high-achievers is to build their heart-centered business in a way that feels enjoyable, easy, and authentic.
In this video course, I combine 6-years of business experience and over 13 years of leadership, spiritual, and psychological study with real-world personal experience to give you a roadmap to building a successful business without the anxiety-riddled struggle, and with more fulfillment and happiness than you could have ever imagined.

Ready to break free and FINALLY let building your business

be the life-affirming adventure of your dreams?

Download Your FREE Six-Week Video Course Now!

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