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7 Tips For Authentic Sales Conversations That Actually Work

Lead client-landing sales conversations minus the cringe.

You'll Learn:

  • A simple mindset shift that instantly releases sales anxiety.

  • Boundaries your clients WISH you would set and how to actually STICK to them from the start (even if you’re a natural born people pleaser).

  • The dealbreaker mistake you don’t even realize you’re making in sales convos and how to fix it ASAP.

  • Exactly how much value to give during consultations  (so you can finally stop over delivering!)


  • How to confidently present your offers at full price and stay true to your value

And MORE...

Ivy LaClair
Confidence Coach and Business Growth Coach for
Heart-centered Entrepreneurs
As heart-centered entrepreneurs, we love helping people but let’s face it — not all of us speak fluent “sales.” But mastering sales conversations is a must if you want to hit your income goals (and then some!). 
I’ve included 7 of my top tips that have helped my coaching clients feel more confident and comfortable during sales conversations so they can release their guilt and charge what they are worth.

Ready to stop playing small and FINALLY start leading

client-landing sales conversations with confidence?

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