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Ivy LaClair

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Shape a Life and Business they Love

A Coachee's Experience in Their Own Words

(Shared with permission.)

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I’m working with Ivy for the 3rd time. Each time brings me to a deeper level in my commitment. I feel I have a best friend in my corner. Ivy is warm and welcoming. She makes it easier to make changes, take risks and go forward. I feel so grateful how she’s helped me see myself with larger eyes that I have great value in the world. Ivy is life affirming and helps you put your best foot forward. She makes me feel like a rock star!

-Kim Piechowski — Founder, Earth Wisdom Healing

How did you feel before working with Ivy?

A bit disjointed and out there alone

Why did you feel that way?

I lacked support and guidance and someone cheering me on in my corner.

How did the coaching help your confidence?

Ivy helped me see my worth and helped me believe in myself. She helped me know I was human and my thoughts are feelings were valid but I was talented and worthy

In what ways did it change your business?

I feel stronger to increase my rates, know I truly help people and not buy into negative thought programming

What are some big wins that happened during and/or after the coaching?

Upping my prices and going forward with events and putting myself out there was important


How do you feel now?

I feel grateful and happy and supported

Please describe your life after coaching.

I have my clients, am looking for more but am on the train and as long as I stay on the train I'm moving forward. That came from Ivy and that helps me to remember

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