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Ivy LaClair

Inspiring Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to

JOYFULLY Shape a Life and Business they Love

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You'll Learn How to:

  • Get unstuck and out of “frozen perfectionism” mode

  • Feel more confident in your decisions and ability to effect positive change

  • Release the most destructive and pervasive myth about productivity

  • Have more energy and time to focus on intentional and meaningful business goals

  • Increase your impact and financial prosperity while having fun along the way

And MORE...

This Masterclass is for YOU if...

You went into business for yourself so you could live a meaningful life, pursue your passion, and transform lives.

But now you’re stuck.

You can see the turmoil in the world right now and all you want to do is help. You have all these great ideas, but even if you get one partially off the ground you can never seem to fully execute it.

You want to make sure you’re doing everything right and that what you do will actually be effective. Even if you understand that making mistakes is part of the process, you just DON’T want to fail.

On top of all this, you feel uncertain about the future too, just like those you want to help. You may wonder how you are going to help others when you are stuck and feel lost in the turmoil as well.

At the end of the day, you just want to be productive and successful at achieving your dream, and feel confident in your ability to have a positive impact on the world.

What happened to the joy you felt when you first started your business? What happened to the sense of purpose and excitement? Were you just living a pipe dream?

You may be wondering: “Should I give up on my potential and go get a ‘real job’?”

Heck no!

It is 100% possible to build a heart-centered business with joyful productivity, ease, abundance, and authenticity.

You just can’t do it using the rules of success, achievement, and productivity that you were taught and have been practicing since you started kindergarten way back in the day.

It’s time to learn a new path, learn the new rules.

It is time to “Overcome Dream-Shattering Perfectionism and Reignite Your True Confidence.”


Join me for the masterclass on May 27th!

Ivy LaClair CPCC, M.Ed.
Spiritual Success Coach for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
Ivy LaClair is committed to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs joyfully shape a life and business they love.
With experiential insights from her own journey and a gold standard coaching certification, she delivers a unique blend of mindset and spiritual support with strategies for consistent achievement without the painful burnout.
Ivy LaClair paves the way for all heart-centered entrepreneurs to stop playing small and be the forces of good they are meant to be for this world.

Ready to FINALLY let building your business

be the life-affirming adventure of your dreams?

Register for the Masterclass Today!

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