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Ivy LaClair

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Shape a Life and Business they Love

Magic-Making, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs in Action

Client Success Stories


Working with Ivy for three years has been a boon to me and my business! I always feel she is going to guide me to take the most effective and heart-felt steps to further develop my business. I am more confident now because Ivy shines a light on how to be the best I can be.

-Natasha Zellerbach — Sustainability Consultant & Founder, Zellerbach Associates

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I enjoyed working with Ivy so much! She helped me identify some hang-ups with confidence and gave me excellent strategies to boost my sales and empower me to grow my business. She is a great coach and has a unique way of identifying ways to change your mindset about growth and abundance. Cannot recommend highly enough.

-Dr. Courtney Morse — Owner, Natural Wellness Physiotherapy

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I’m working with Ivy for the 3rd time. Each time brings me to a deeper level in my commitment. I feel I have a best friend in my corner. Ivy is warm and welcoming. She makes it easier to make changes, take risks and go forward. I feel so grateful how she’s helped me see myself with larger eyes that I have great value in the world. Ivy is life affirming and helps you put your best foot forward. She makes me feel like a rock star!

-Kim Piechowski — Founder, Earth Wisdom Healing

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Ivy helped build my confidence in areas where I feel I lack experience. She is a consummate professional who is able to tap into the big picture with ease while adding a depth of spiritual wisdom that I feel not all business coaches possess and this adds to her uniqueness. I would highly recommend Ivy for any sort of business coaching!

-Erika Lillie —  Co-founder, Opti-Life


Thank you so much, Ivy! Your desire to see people operate in alignment and their full expression have catapulted me into a space I have only wished for! I am already seeing a benefit, this is crazzzzzzzy!!!

-Shana Chivon Stephens — Shana Chivon Strategies


Ivy has already been such a spring board for me and I appreciate having her in my corner. She helped me get past some of the doubt I was feeling so I could spend time focused on what I know I need to do to go to the next level. Thank you Ivy!

-Robin Sagamang — Owner, ADEAS Printing


Ivy strikes the difficult balance between being your number one cheerleader when you’re ridden with doubt and calling your “BS” when you’re making excuses. She believes in your potential when you question yourself and dreams big for you when you don't dare to. Yet, she is able to ask inquisitive questions and provide practical guidance.
-Amira Boulla — Consultant, Bain and Company

I've had several other coaches before and I can say without a doubt that Ivy is exactly what I need right now to help me overcome my fears and jumpstart the next chapter in my life. She has truly helped grow and empower me to go after my dreams. She celebrates my successes, understands my frustrations and helps me reframe roadblocks into obstacles that I can overcome. I would highly recommend working with her.

-Shuai Chen — Founder, G8ter Good Games


I went to see Ivy very unaware of what I needed. Initially I was thinking I'd get direction on how to navigate a new business but in the end I discovered so much more about ME. The outcome was positive growth which is overflowing into a business I love! I'm forever grateful!

-Debbie Kennedy — Founder, Happy Skin Happy Life

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