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Ivy LaClair

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Shape a Life and Business they Love

“Unbreak Your Confidence” Magic for
Changemaking Entrepreneurs

We both know you’ve come a long way to get where you are. You’ve made some crazy tough decisions in pursuit of your big dreams. When that inner voice whispered “you’re meant for something bigger,” you had the courage to listen.


But voice #2 likes to chime in too.


...You know the one...


Bullies you into playing “midwest nice” (aka chronic people pleasing) with soulsucking, killjoy clients who undervalue your work.


Guilts you into discounting your rates (or working for free) while you sit in secret envy watching others rally high paying dream customers.


Keeps you hustling instead of racking up Expedia points to cash in for that upcoming dream retreat in Bali or family vacay.


Triggers “self-promotional memory loss” —as in oops, I ‘forgot’ to tell you about my [insert major public speaking event]. Next time for sure!


Voice #2 is like mean old Uncle Leonard torturously dangling the unicorn pinata at your 6th birthday…Always keeping that next level in your business juuust out of reach.


Here’s something else we both know…


When it comes to making good on our moonshot goals, most of us suck at DIY (aka delaying it years). We either rely on blind feedback from well-meaning friends/family who are clueless about business...We cave under the shame of actually investing in ourselves...OR we’re too close to bring our blocks into focus and don’t know where to begin.

So we never do.

All the impact, abundance and over-the-moon

happiness you crave will come when you...
wait until Mercury isn’t retrograde (nope)

order those prosperity power crystals from Amazon (uh-uh)

get a signed permission slip from partner/family/friends (negative)

show the universe that you’re TRULY ready for it (👈🏼 this one)

Through my Authentically Bold Business 1:1 coaching process, we’ll use bulletproof systems, unwavering support and max accountability to stay motivated, bust through your roadblocks and reclaim the kickass confidence you need to next level your biz.





5 Phases to an Authentically Bold Business


Phase 1. Alliance Activation

Phase 2. Roadblock Detox

Phase 3. Bedrock Your Value-centered Brand

Phase 4. Cultivate An Abundance Mindset

Phase 5. Reignite Your Confidence

Alliance Activation

Discovering your confidence compass.


We’ll design our coaching partnership and set the trajectory for a solid relationship built on trust and collaboration. We’ll dial in your specific goals to stay laser focused throughout the entire journey, especially if things get a little unsexy (I got your back!).

Roadblock Detox

Mindfully unmask your blocks like a group of meddling kids calling out Old Mr. Wickles.


Like pulling a thread on a sweater, we unravel your current limiting beliefs to reveal the core experiences that shaped them. Then we’ll explore their influence on your self perception and money mindset — including your sales obstacles — using a series of powerful deep reflections. Finally, we’ll uproot those old beliefs and cultivate new, positive, growth-based beliefs to replace them.

Bedrock Your Authentic Brand

Lean into your unique, value-centered branding and start building confidence right away.


We’ll tour your passions, strengths, and values to forge a true-to-you foundation for your brand. This is your baseline for uncrossable boundaries, rock solid rates, powerful positioning and magnetic messaging that attracts your ideal clients/customers AND repels the rest (← goodbye cringy sales conversations!).

Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

Let go of scarcity and step into worthiness.

Take the do-or-die pressure out of landing that 5-figure contract. Handle rejection minus the Britney-style meltdown. Sleep soundly even after that going-on-day-3 unanswered proposal. We’ll improve your relationship with money to make sales conversations feel effortless AND empowering.

An abundance mindset can do that? → HELL. YES. And so much more.

Reignite Your Confidence

Brassknuckle your insecurities in the face and unleash your inner diva!


We’ll practice real world ways to lean into your boldness and own the value you bring to the table. Feel comfortable in your own skin and represent a brand that oozes jaw-dropping confidence both online and off. Learn how to exert your voice in a meaningful and impactful way to grow your brand and business.

Throughout the process, we’ll implement, practice, reevaluate and deepen your self understanding on a whole new level—

honing confidence and clarity every step of the way.

Zzzz...ready to stop hitting snooze on your passions?
Let’s do this!

Interested in working with me?

Here's how to get started...

{Step 1}
Pick a time for a

30-minute complimentary zero obligation consult. 

<<You can do that by clicking here >>

{Step 2}

Finish your session sign-up by answering few questions that allows me to help you get the most out of our chat.

{Step 3}

Stalk your inbox for your confirmation email.

This includes the link you’ll need to access our video meeting.

{Step 4}

At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll hop in my 

Zoom room and begin our coaching sesh.

If the stars align, we’ll discuss the exact next steps we’ll take on your journey.
If not, I’ll get you paddling in the right direction.

It’s no secret that confidence is the key to making sh*t happen. Time to show the universe that you’re committed to clearing your blocks and creating space for deep growth.


Ivy helped build my confidence in areas where I feel I lack experience. She is a consummate professional who is able to tap into the big picture with ease while adding a depth of spiritual wisdom that I feel not all business coaches possess and this adds to her uniqueness. I would highly recommend Ivy for any sort of business coaching!

-Erika Lillie —  Co-founder, Opti-Life


Ivy strikes the difficult balance between being your number one cheerleader when you’re ridden with doubt and calling your “BS” when you’re making excuses. She believes in your potential when you question yourself and dreams big for you when you don't dare to. Yet, she is able to ask inquisitive questions and provide practical guidance.
-Amira Boulla — Consultant, Bain and Company


I've had several other coaches before and I can say without a doubt that Ivy is exactly what I need right now to help me overcome my fears and jumpstart the next chapter in my life. She has truly helped grow and empower me to go after my dreams. She celebrates my successes, understands my frustrations and helps me reframe roadblocks into obstacles that I can overcome. I would highly recommend working with her.

-Shuai Chen — Founder, G8ter Good Games


Thank you so much for today, Ivy! Your desire to see people operate in alignment and their full expression have catapulted me into a space I have only wished for! I am already seeing a benefit, this is crazzzzzzzy!!!

-Shana Chivon Stephens — Shana Chivon Strategies

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